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Learn Commercial Real Estate

The industry of Commercial Real Estate is complicated and fascinating. Complied here are short videos to help explain some of the topics to help guide you though the commercial real estate process. For further explanation and assistance please reach out to me via any of the ways listed at the bottom of this page. New topics will be loaded weekly. They can also be found on my YouTube Channel Local Girl Goes Commercial Michelle Mendenhall.

What is a Commercial Real Estate Agent & Why do I Need One?

If you’ve every wondered what a commercial real estate agent is and why one might be useful to you and your business. Here is a quick video I put together to help explain.

We’re Open CA! Let’s get social!!

We’re OPEN California!!! Now let’s get out there and enjoy it!! If you have ever dreamed of opening a bar, restaurant, bakery…anything! Or are ready to re-open! Give me a a call “I’m your gal!” Buy, lease, sale, or trade. Let’s get it done!!

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Commercial Real Estate Listing Stand Out.

It is just as important to make your commercial real estate listing stand out as it is a residential listing. Here are tips and tricks. If you need help listing your commercial real estate property give me a call!

Let’s Talk 1031 Exchanges

Let’s talk 1031 Exchanges it doesn’t have to be complicated give me a call. Let’s talk.

You Might Need a Business Broker

Did you know that your Commercial Real Estate Professional might also be a Business Broker? What is a Business Broker, you ask? Why someone who can help you sell your business or buy the business you’ve been dreaming of, of course!

Cap Rates Explained

What’s a CAP Rate? What are some important things you might want to know? Here are quick facts. Call or message me if you have questions about Commercial Real Estate. I’m happy to help with buying, selling, or leasing.

To Buy or Lease…That is the Question.

To buy or lease…that is the question. Here are just a couple of questions to ask yourself if you’re wondering which is better for you. Buying a commercial space or leasing a commercial space?

What’s New

Commercial Real Estate is ever changing stay in tune with updates in the industry and market. Check back here for helpful tips and tricks weekly.
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